Mid back trigger point pain patterns to identify which muscles are causing your mid back pain

Mid back pain can be extremely distracting and frustrating. Commonly felt between the shoulder blades, it tends to get tight and frequently degrades into a chronic burning sensation that can build up and not go away.

I say that because I know from experience. After a serious fall at about the age of 8, I started getting burning mid back pain between my shoulder blades. No fun, and very unpleasant!

Now, as a chiropractor in Summerlin, NV, which is part of the Las Vegas area, I have twenty years of experience helping others either reduce or completely relieve their mid back pain. This has helped me understand some major underlying factors that can influence it, and I appreciate the opportunities I get to help patients find relief.

Hidden Causes of Mid Back Pain:

Head Forward Posture can Cause Mid Back Pain
A Good Neck Curve is Crucial to Eliminating Mid Back Pain

Loss of Neck Curve — Not only does this put stretching forces on the spinal cord and ligaments, but also the head being placed forward with poor posture overloads the mid back postural muscles, which can lead to chronic burning pain. On top of that, it’s almost impossible to fix without chiropractic care.

Calcium Oxalate Crystals

Acidic Precipitates – Metabolic individuality, simply referred to as acid overload, can cause acids to precipitate as sharp, painful crystals in muscles, ligaments, joints, skin and the thyroid. The most common is Calcium Oxalate from Oxalic acid. Other acids that form crystals in the human body include Salicylic and Uric acid.

Often, these crystals tend to form in chronically inflamed and irritated parts of the body, which unfortunately for many of us is the mid back…

Visceral Mid Back Pain Referral Patterns
Visceral Pain Referral Patterns

Organ Stress – Usually it’s the Gallbladder or Liver where symptoms occur, but impaired Stomach function can also irritate the mid back nerves and muscles. This is called referred visceral pain. To improve your liver health, avoid eating carbs and instead use supplements you can use to improve gallbladder function. The main thing is to not eat the #1 poison in our food supply today, which is Vegetable Oils. Eliminate all soybean, canola, corn, sunflower, safflower, olive, and avocado oils and you should experience better health because of it. Other common liver and gallbladder irritants include onions, pepper, and paprika.

Chocolate can trigger mid back pain

Chocolate – There is something about Chocolate that can trigger burning pain in the mid back. Try giving it up for several weeks and see if it helps!

Mid Back Trigger Point Referral Pain Patterns

Trigger point pain – Muscles hurt from injury and loss of nerve supply. However, often pain can be in places that are not directly on a muscle. Check out the trigger point pain referral chart to the left. Do any of these match what is going on in your mid back?

Trigger point therapy, or good chiropractic care, can be very helpful for this type of discomfort.

MRI of Mid Back Disc Herniation – A rare cause of midback pain

Disc Herniation – One potential hidden cause of pain in the mid back can be a disc herniation. A disc herniation or extrusion can cause pain on its own, and from pressing or pinching the spinal cord or nerves. You need an MRI to conclusively diagnose a disc herniation that causes mid back pain.

Phase 1 & 2 Detox

Metabolic Toxicity – We have discussed how organs like the liver and gallbladder can cause pain in the mid back. In addition, there is another case where the normal metabolic detox mechanisms of the body have broken down. This causes people to have metabolic toxicity – not toxins from outside their body per se, but just the normal toxic byproducts of normal metabolism after they eat. In other words, what normally gets cleared out naturally simply doesn’t. Instead, the toxins start accumulating, thus causing problems in our bodies.

What this usually means is that the liver’s ability to do the normal two phase metabolic detoxification process has been compromised. One easy way to tell if that is what is causing your mid back pain is to do a 10-day metabolic detox. By doing so, if your mid-back pain improves, then you’ll have found a solution. Also, as an added benefit, this costs significantly less than the lab testing needed to measure your metabolic detoxification capacity.

Please understand, we are not talking about an unscientific fad detoxification program like the Master Cleanse. The Master Cleanse is missing fundamental nutrients, especially for a Phase 2 detox. The Master Cleanse also typically will cause headaches and flu-like symptoms from the buildup of Phase 1 metabolites.

What is written on this page is scientifically-based support for the known metabolic detoxification pathways. To learn more about true evidence-based detox, click here.